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Studio HHH is a multidisciplinary design studio, specializing in large-scale art installations, interior architecture and immersive environments

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Our body of work explores the intersection of art, experiential design and interior architecture.

Recent projects include Visual Voyage at Terminal 25 in Fort Lauderdale, unveiled on November 11, 2018, Serpentine at the Exchange in Downtown Boston, on display through February 2019, and Lumina at the Worcester Art Museum on display through January 2019.


Each of our projects emerge out of an in-depth discovery and design process. Each unique form or solution which emerges is crafted to achieve the desired visitor experience.

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Even permanent architecture is never intended to remain unchanged indefinitely. We are fascinated by the metamorphosis of built spaces over time, and believe that permanent projects should be designed with change and evolution always in mind. We delight, however, in the qualities of lasting materials -- in our interiors, architecturally integrated artworks, and large scale public works.

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Temporary architecture and experiential art installations are appearing (and disappearing) more often in our design practice. We are curious about impermanence and the playful immersive experiences it affords. These temporal installations often manifest themselves as events and once over, leave no imprint on the place, yet contribute profoundly to its placemaking.

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