Audemars Piguet | Product Launch Event

New York, New York

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Benson gave a detailed presentation about his artwork, “We’ve only had the capability to see such distant worlds up close for a few decades, and then we’ve only managed to do so in fragmentary glimpses. So part of my motivation is to pan through the visual record, and assemble those glimpses, and transmit my own personal fascination with these objects by using individual spacecraft frames to produce mosaic composite vistas.” The wall at the far end of the room slid apart, revealing stairs to a cave-like gallery where Piguet watches glittered under a single beam of light.

For this event, our team custom fabricated six seamless lightweight projection screens (8' H x 12' W) that connected to three more continuous screens. We used six projectors with short-throw rear-projection lenses to allow guests a close range view without interfering with the beam of light.

Our team worked with Sam Okerstrom-Lang to projection map this seamless immersive environment while transforming an old church in Manhattan into a cocktail lounge, an IMAX dining hall, and a product showcase gallery.

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Watchmaker Audemars Piguet allowed us complete freedom to conceptualize an installation based on the launch of the Royal Oak watch. This project started with the experience of the guest and then the immersive environment was created around that ideal experience.

Beginning in an elegant cocktail lounge surrounded by massive NASA photo prints, guests were led to a dining room wrapped in a 360 degree IMAX-like projection. In the middle of the octagonal room were two black tables set with candles and orbs to reflect the light of the projection.  As a multi-course meal was presented, diners were suspended in planetary and astrological imagery - with close up images of the moon’s surface taken by NASA cameras and transformed by artist Michael Benson.

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