Worcester, Massachusetts

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Lumina is a temporary immersive installation located at the Worcester Art Museum for the 2018 holiday season.  Hundreds of strips of silk fabric were hung in a staggered trapezoid pattern from a monofilament structure 16 ft high. The installation is brought to life by projection mapped animations of iconic works of art from WAM’s permanent collection onto the layers of suspended fabric.  A stained glass window comes to life; a winter scene from a Japanese print begins to snow down; a Kandinsky painting unfolds into moving shapes. The animations and concept were created by Boston artist, Sam Okerstrom-Lang. Visitors are encouraged to walk through the silk and become immersed in the dancing patterns of light while experiencing classic works in a new and engaging way.

Perfect for all ages, it’s an irresistible setting for photographing family and friends. Lumina is free with Museum admission and on display through mid-January 2019.

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Concept Design: Vanessa Till Hooper
Visual Artist:
Sam Okerstrom-Lang
Project Management: Jessie Klein
Installation: Jessie Klein, Emily Castro and Stephen Gleason

Produced by Studio HHH and LuminArtz, a non-profit organization
that produces the ILLUMINUS festival in downtown Boston
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