Mobile Mezzanine

Barcelona, Spain / Los Angeles, California

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A conference table stands at the center of this mobile installation. This volumetric work surface was assembled from three sections which lock together with steel pins for a seamless surface appearance of rolled steel work surface and continuous grain walnut walls. The table encases a half rack server “closet” with all necessary cabling and peripheral hardware, with  active ventilation and cooling. The table also includes brand signage that is internally lit and flush mounted to the walnut surface.

The concept of the gestural interface kiosk centers around austere shapes. The kiosk consists of two volumetric forms – a steel cube and a wood rectangle plank. The steel cube housed a screen and computer, easily accessed within a hidden panel.  An LCD monitor sits perfectly flush within the wood plank that leans against the steel cube, touching at a single point of contact.

This project was an achievement in craft as well as an achievement in spatial efficiency.  All of the elements for this mobile conference room fit within a footprint of 10’ x 20’ and pack into a  single air freight container or one double pallet, making for economic transport globally.

Oblong Mobile was designed as a traveling showcase and workspace for the conference room system mezzanine by Oblong Industries.  

The challenge of this project was to make tech-hardware disappear and to impress the visitor with the capabilities instead of the technology.  We did this by creating a compact space that feels large, with exceptionally refined and beautifully detailed elements that transcend the banality of pixels on screen.

The mobile technology consisted of three elements: an internally lit paper wall holding multiple LCD screens, a walnut conference table, and gestural interface kiosks.  The configuration of hardware and software perform exactly like they do in a conference room environment.

The surrounding wall was constructed out of Molo paper, a lightweight accordion paper, stacked 8’ in height, internally lit with LED lights and fashioned on walnut bases.  The LCD screens were mounted on stands that were laced down between the walls and fashioned to the walnut bases. The appearance was that the screens were floating in the clouds of paper.

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