Oblong Conference room

Los Angeles, California

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How can we design a conference room for multiple people to work in a space collaboratively, while using computers? “When Oblong Industries came to me with this question I was deeply intrigued and immediately jumped onboard to work with them on solving this challenge.” - Vanessa Till Hooper

When we work on personal computers we tend to be cut off from other people with whom we are sharing physical space. Oblong developed an innovative solution for cross platform collaboration on digital devices within a physical environment. This conference room platform called Mezzanine allows individuals to connect and share digitally as seamlessly as having a conversation, passing content between wall mounted displays, personal computers, phones, whiteboards and printers.

The goal of the project was simple; create a room which best supports that functionality. The challenge of this project quickly became how to integrate the huge volume of cabling and electronics into a clean architectural environment while allowing regular access.

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This unique space features walls that are lined with “Hardibacker,” a product normally used as a substrate and waterproofing membrane behind tiling. This medium gray tone was ideal as a canvas on which to view vivid display colors as well as an ideal background color for camera capture.  Each wall panel, easily removable, allows access to the network of wiring that laced through the walls. A reclaimed alder table, custom-built by a neighboring business, sits at the center of the room. The table is cut in a trapezoid shape to support straight lines of visibility for every participant to the camera and screens. This “smart room” features a controllable lutron lighting system and color changing LED lighting in the architectural gap reveal.  A flush-mounted whiteboard sits on the left wall and a changeable glass writing wall at the entrance frame the space in 360º of interactive content at anytime.

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