Plural Surface

Cambridge, MAssachusetts

Biogen is a biotechnology company based in Cambridge specializing in research, development, and therapies that aim to treat neurological and autoimmune diseases to patients globally.

Inspired by the network of connectivity that permeates the company from research to manufacturing and distribution, our team designed and fabricated a permanent multimedia installation for the Biogen double height atrium lobby leading to the primary event auditorium.  We were brought into this project by Brian Pierce of Omloop who created Biogen's re-branding package, and envisioned the concept design for the branded environment of the building exterior, entrance corridor and lobby.

Studio HHH_Plural Surface_4.jpg
Concept Design: Jeff Grantz and Vanessa Till Hooper
Architectural Design: Vanessa Till Hooper
Fabrication: Design Communications Ltd.
Environmental Branding Concept: Omloop
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A vertical LCD screen incorporated into the wall was programmed with animations. Tessellated patterns move across the surface of the wall depicting a connection of nodes as the points of focus push and pull, creating a ripple effect.  Light spills across the complex planes and edges revealing infinite pools of light, giving the viewer a glimpse of the high resolution content as it passes over this area and then travels “behind” the whole wall.

The installation was designed to take into account the carefully considered viewpoint of each employee passing by. The first viewing angle only reveals the lower half of the wall but as visitors approach, the full height is revealed.  Even extreme angles were taken into consideration, offering delightful opportunities at the far left and right, as well as from the second floor balcony.

The piece is viewable by employees and Biogen guests. It was created to enhance the workplace experience and signify Biogen’s dedication to their employees well being.

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