Sub sequences

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Studio HHH_Sub Sequence_1.jpg

When the Toyota Research Institute asked for a creative and compelling permanent digital installation that incorporated their brand, our studio created a permanent projection installation that is micro mapped to a white tessellated wall finish that replaces permanent signage by including appearances of the logo at regular intervals.  An elegant hybrid of digital content and physical form, the installation is located directly behind the reception desk so it is the point of first impression for the company.

The initial concepts for the animations were derived loosely from real-world processes and events relevant to the TRI, such as autonomous vehicles emitting a light to scan their surroundings, or the vertical garden in the TRI workspace. The projection content ebbs and flows so the textures that pattern the walls eventually resolve into the logo

Studio HHH_Sub Sequence_3.jpg

To prevent the projection from interfering with the secretaries behind the desk, we used an ultra short throw projector mounted two feet from the wall. The projection throw skims the surface and doesn’t allow for the possibility of visual interference.

Studio HHH_Sub Sequence_5.jpg
Studio HHH_Sub Sequence_2.jpg

To test our installation prototype we set up a full-scale mockup of the entire installation within our studio, upside down, with the projector rested on the floor instead of on the ceiling. The entire mockup was inverted and included the tessellation and the wood panel that was used in the final installation, so we could map the projector precisely to specific knots.

Studio HHH_Sub Sequence_4.jpg
Studio HHH_Sub Sequence_6.jpg