The Uncommon Project | Emerson College

Boston, Massachusetts

“The purpose of The Uncommon Project is to make a meaningful and significant contribution to public art in Boston; to provide artists with new and dynamic opportunities to showcase their work; to inspire, embrace, and celebrate our great city’s emerging diversity and to expand the College’s reputation for innovation in the arts and communication in Boston and around the world.” - Lee Pelton, President of Emerson College

Vanessa Till Hooper acted as co-curator, selecting work from local artists, Emerson faculty, and students.  The projected work activated the facade of the Emerson College Little Building at 80 Boylston Street from December 2017 to January 2018 during the building's construction and renovation.  By viewing work on an exaggerated scale, such as artist John Craig Freedman’s work of a human eyeball rapidly scanning the sight, the building transformed into an engaging experience, viewable from the Boston Common and  surrounding areas.

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This project was conceptualized by the President of Emerson College, Lee Pelton.  He envisioned it as “the largest ongoing projected art canvas in the United States” as well as an opportunity to establish the College’s dedication to innovation in the arts.  It was the goal of Lee Pelton and the creative team to make sure this project was accessible to and appreciated by everyone in the community.

Our team collaborated on this project with the curatorial oversight from Emerson’s Foster Chair in Contemporary Art and Distinguished Curator in Residence, Joseph Ketner.  The College partnered on the project with the Emerson Urban Arts program and the faculty Public Art Think Tank (PATT) in coordination with Elkus Manfredi Architects and the creators of Boston’s ILLUMINUS festival.

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